31 March - 6 May 2014

from an observer’s journey
along the Water of Urr
from moor to shore

catchment is the result of an exploration of the Water of Urr in Galloway, over a period of two years, by four visual artists

Jennie Ashmore    
Malcolm Davies
Suzanne Stuart Davies    
Julian Francis        

and poet, Fiona Russell.


31 March - 11 May 2014

Replenished with debris twice a day, the strandline marks the turning point of the last high tide and provides endless material for the curious beachcomber.

Drawing a Voice

Collaborations between poetry and visual art

 Jean Atkin | Pamela Grace | Catriona Taylor

 28 September to 3 November 2013

This unusual exhibition displays the collaboration of two different visual artists with a poet, over several different projects.


Biospheres are places with world-class environments that are designated by the United Nations to promote and demonstrate a balanced relationship between people and nature. They are places which value and promote conservation and sustainable development on a regional scale. Biospheres are created to protect the biological and cultural diversity of a region while promoting sustainable economic development. They are places of cooperation, education and research where local communities, environmental groups, and economic interests can work collaboratively on conservation and development issues. This exhibition introduces Biospheres and in particular the new Galloway and South Ayrshire Biosphere.

Norman Taylor Photography


6 July - 11 August 2013

An exhibition of flowers by local partially sighted photographer Norman Taylor.  Well known for his series of photographs and exhibitions called 'Shed' he now turns his attention to the rich colours and patterns of flowers.  An exhibition of exuberant colour and shape.

Viewpoint Voices

24 May - 7 July 2013

Dumfries and Galloway has three National Scenic Areas (NSAs) – the Fleet Valley, the East Stewartry Coast and the Nith Estuary. They are recognised as some of the most scenic places in Britain and are a major asset for the region. Focused on river estuaries and bays, enclosed by surrounding hills and farmland, these landscapes have a wonderful range and variety of views both from and into the areas.