Growing : Sculpture & Drawing by Charles Poulsen

A new exhibition by Scottish Borders-based Charles Poulsen

‘This exhibition offers an insight into how an artist is inspired by nature, works with it and can subtly change the landscape we look to make us think in new ways.’  Fiona Wilson


This exhibition has three strands: sculpture, drawing and growing sculpture – all relating to plants, trees and the landscape.

Charlie’s sculpture reflects his interest in trees. Sections of tree combine with lead, through splitting, drilling, binding and casting. The most recent sculptures are concerned with presenting the ‘life within’ the tree.

His striking monochrome drawings are not drawing for sculpture but a separate, though connected, activity. His current abstract drawings have been inspired by the structure of hedges, trees and the elemental forces which shape them.

Charlie is already known for his ambitious landscape projects - his ‘growing sculptures’ - such as the 2005 ‘Point of Resolution’ on the Southern Upland Way above Innerleithen, ‘Host’ at Gracefield Arts Centre and ‘Black is White’ in Hawick. His main focus is now on the Spottiswoode Project, a series of ambitious tree-based works, the first being planted in 2009. With ten works so far planted, it will be many years before they are grown to completion. This exhibition traces the progress of the growing sculptures through documentation of realised works, alongside plans and drawings for future projects, offering an insight into Charlie’s imagination and the skill he displays in taking his visions from drawing board to reality.

Each of the three strands of this exhibition inform the others, giving a rich, innovative and vigorous view of a distinctive understanding of the energies in nature.


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