Gatehouse Exposed

a photographic record of life in and around the town over the last 40 years by

Mike Bannister

11 September - 31 October 2017


I am Glasgow born and schooled, excepting three years of wartime evacuation. On Leaving school I embarked on five apprentice  years in dairy farming in Ayrshire and Galloway.  In 1953 Yvonne and I married and took on a small farm at Southwick on the Solway coast, building a productive herd of Ayrshire stock and rearing bacon pigs.

This small business became unviable after ten years so a move was made to a farm at Minnigaff that had much higher potential. We built a profitable business but after fifteen years with none of our four children joining us in a farming career and my back causing a surgeon to warn me off heavy physical work the family choice was to settle in Gatehouse.

Prior to arriving in Gatehouse I started into business as photographer, taking mainly studio portraits of young children and some freelance press work. When young I had experience in film processing and printing. The work load increased and diversified into every kind of assignment with social work as well. This is my fortieth year living in Gatehouse and this sample collection on show is mainly from Press work.

A small record of life in and around the town.