Exhibition : Planthunter - A Celebration of Michael Wickenden

1 July -3 September 2017

Michael Wickenden, the founder of Cally Gardens outside Gatehouse and who died last year, was a modern day explorer who travelled the world's remote places in search of new varieties of plants.  At Cally, in the former walled garden of Cally House, he created a specilalist nursery as well as a beautiful garden.


The Mill developed the exhibition Planthunter with Michael back in 2011 and we felt it would be appropriate to re-show this particular exhibition.  It focuses on a selection of his expeditions up until that point and is full of many fine photographs that he took while on expedition of the plants of course, but also of the landscapes and the peoples he encountered.

In that regard Michael was also a collector of art and artefacts while on his travels and the exhibition will show a slection of pieces which he brought back with him.