Matt Seattle Band

21st July 2013 : 7.30pm

The Border piping tradition is at the radiant core of our intense music. Matt Seattle is a major figure in the resurgence of this tradition, while Frazer Watson and Lewis Powell-Reid, both musicians immersed in Eastern European folk styles, create a new soundscape for Border music, performing on frame drums, darabouka, accordion and bouzouki, and Donald Knox provides the harmonic rooting for the group on guitar.


You can listen to recordings and read more about the band on
Matt’s website



Extracts from reviews of REIVERS OF THE HEART CD (full reviews on website)

“this group produces an overall effect which is earthy, vibrant and original, yet still subtle, complex and hugely respectful of the traditions from which it draws... Highly recommended.”
Gorden Potter, Living Tradition

“Seattle coaxes an astounding array of voices from his pipe that reach towards the Eastern influences and meet them halfway, rather than just incorporating them into Border forms. The results are as expressive as any storyteller.”
Oz Hardwick, R2/Rock’n’Reel

“Reivers of the Heart is as passionate a celebration of melody as you’re likely to hear.”

Sid Smith


DONALD KNOX — Guitar, Mandolin, Voice
FRAZER WATSON — Frame Drums, Darabouka, Tapan
LEWIS POWELL-REID — Accordion, Bouzouki, Mandolin
MATT SEATTLE — Border Pipes, Voice

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