Exhibition : Denise Zygadlo : Involutus memet

18th August – 23rd Sept 2012

An exhibition of hangings and wall pieces on the poetry of the human body being clothed and veiled from the cradle to the grave.


The primary concern of my visual work is the intuitive exploration of the relationship between the human body and cloth: how this relationship describes our responses at the most visceral levels, how the culture of cloth has shaped our perception of the human form, and how the power of its conventions affects our understanding.
The photocopier has been the vehicle for making images of wrapped bodies, which are transfer printed onto silk chiffon. There is an intimacy about the photocopied image - pressure points and stray threads are heightened – and immediacy just as an ancient handprint can appear fresh and link the past with the present.
I am interested in the concept of connecting with the specific moment that an image/imprint is made in the same way as we may respond to images of the ‘bog people’ or the Turin shroud.
The Mill provides an inviting environment for this show, with ample natural light and breathing space to walk around the hangings.
The random texts originate from words remembered in dreams. ‘Involutus Memet’ is an acknowledgement to my friend the late Helen Chadwick.

Born in Kent, Denise studied printed textiles at Winchester Art School, working in studios in Manchester and London before moving to Dumfries in 1980.
Since the late 80’s Denise has been involved in community arts projects across the region, Spring Fling, Iris – promoting books made by artists - and more recently performances with Oceanallover in the Tide Machine.
Denise has exhibited in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Bristol and New York. She is a prize winner and regular exhibitor with the Scottish Society of Artists.

Involutus Memet : Article by Jeremy Carlisle

A short article written by Jeremy Carlisle on the show is available here.


A selection of images from the show, and from the performance which launched the show.




Denise Zygadlo