Mill Sessions : Up in the Air

November 14th 2012
Tickets £10 on the door, or phone 01557 814458 / 814647 to reserve.

Up in the Air with Jonny Hardie - fiddle and guitar, Gavin Marwick - fiddle, Davy Cattanach - percussion and guitar.

As part of their album launch tour: November 7th - 18th 2012.

This fiddle led trio is back together 15 years after the initial release of their much loved Up In The Air album, a selection of traditional Scottish reels, jigs and airs largely taken from nineteenth century collections, given a modern setting and lightly mixed with other influences. At that time Jonny and Davy were playing in the Aberdeenshire based Old Blind Dogs and Gavin was with Glasgow’s Iron Horse ; both bands were flat out on the international and festival circuits but Up In The Air did manage a couple of UK tours and a clutch of festival appearances. In 1999 Gavin and Jonny went on to record a second album together, The Blue Lamp. Currently they share the musician‘s role in the award winning play The Tailor of Inverness. Gavin is now playing with Bellevue Rendezvous, Jonny is still touring the world with the Old Blind Dogs and Davy has been songwriting and performing with bands in the north-east like The Pictones. Jonny and Davy played at Celtic Connections this year with a new project called Catford.

The trio have recorded a new album, Moonshine, to be launched on this tour in November 2012.

Up In The Air at the Mill Sessions

The Twa Corbies


Recorded by Marcus Wright MW Recording