Trusty's Hill - A Window on Dark Ages Galloway

In 2012 an archaeological dig at Trusty's Hill, proved that the local fort had once been a major centre of Dark Ages Scotland.

Just outside Gatehouse of Fleet is Trusty’s Hill, the site of an ancient vitrified hillfort. This site was first recorded by the Minister of Anwoth in the Statistical Account of Scotland of 1794, who noted:

‘On the south side of this fort, there is a broad flat stone, inscribed with several waving and spiral lines...’

It is these carvings that make Trusty’s Hill unique in Galloway. This is because, as antiquarians subsequently discovered, these are Pictish symbols: a double disc and z-rod and a Pictish sea-beast and sword.

But without any historical records for the occupation of this fort, only archaeological investigations could answer the question - What are Pictish symbols doing at Trusty’s Hill?

This exhibition tells the story of Trusty's Hill - of the 2012 excavation and what the finds tell us about this fascinating site.


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