Ted Leeming and Morag Patterson

7th July – 12th August 2012

Ted Leeming and Morag Patterson. Photographic exhibition of collaborative abstract and traditional landscape images.

Based in the Galloway Hills, photographers Ted Leeming and Morag Paterson have been working collaboratively for five years capturing the beauty of the natural world in their striking and evocative photographic images. They exhibit throughout the UK and are regularly featured in the national photographic press.

The photographers work closely together throughout the creative process, from initial concept and image capture to jointly signing each print, with either one eventually capturing the single image that expresses their shared vision. This collaborative approach, while unusual in the photographic field, adds depth and dynamism to their work, encouraging evolution of style and exploration of different techniques.

Their work includes traditional, abstract and impressionist photography styles with the wild outdoors their inspiration and focus. Season, colour, light, texture, movement and atmosphere are all explored in imagery ranging from wide mountain vistas to intimate close ups.

“Our style is constantly evolving as we move from one portfolio or project to the next, resulting in a wide range of work from the entirely abstract to classic landscape depictions. Throughout our work we hope to capture the “inner sense” of a landscape or subject with images that don’t give up all their secrets at first glance.”